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June 2019: Podcasts Revisited

I have the students in my Wilkes/Discovery Instructional Masters degree class create a podcast as an assignment. In her reflection on podcasts, one of my student, Meredith Lambert wrote: There is something different about the interaction between creator and consumer with podcasts then with written text. Because you’re hearing a person’s voice it makes it

Underage Drinking and the Developing Brain, Body and Behavior

Sponsored Content by Ask, Listen, Learn    April is Alcohol Responsibility Month, the perfect time for all of us – teachers, counselors, AND parents – to work together to combat the impacts of underage drinking on the developing brain, body and students’ behavior. Since 2003, underage drinking has declined 50% (Monitoring the Future, 2016) and conversations between parents and their kids about alcohol have increased 73% (, 2016). This outstanding news is

Celebrate DNA Day with DNA Decoded

You and your students will love working with DNA Decoded for DNA Day! DNA Day is celebrated on April 25th and commemorates the day in 1953 when the DNA double helix was discovered, along with the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. DNA Decoded is a program designed for educators to help students see