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Greetings!! Today I taught the students the 3 different types of variables: Controlled, Independent, and Dependent. First, we took notes writing the definition of each variable. I found a really great FREE Teachers pay Teachers(TPT) PowerPoint that explained what Independent and Dependent Variables are, so I used that to guide my instruction. (Due to copyright laws, I can’t post this PowerPoint, but there are many on TPT that you can use!) Then, we read an example from the South Carolina State Standards(example is included in PowerPoint below) and completed/discussed this example together. While doing research over the summer, I found a great variable resource, called The Simpson’s Variables. (Google Simpson’s Variables). After we did the S.C. State Standard example, I had students read the Simpson’s example on their own, and complete the Variable’s Chart, that went into their notebook. I also found a great game at We didn’t get to play the game in class because we ran out of time, but it’s a great resource!

I create both of the resources below. The Variable Chart is a picture of the notes/examples that students completed during class. The Scientific Variables chart is a simple PowerPoint defining the 3 variables and includes the example from the S.C. State Standards(last slide).

Variable Chart Example

Scientific Variables

Thanks for reading!! :)

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