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So I have begun my summer reading (after completing three weeks of summer school and while simultaneously working on my Edmodo Ambassador application, prepping for DENSI 2014 as a first time attendee, preparing three kids for camp, preparing for the first trip to my birth state of Michigan in eight years, etc.) and one of the first books that I read was He’s the Weird Teacher┬áby Doug Robertson. I’ve followed Doug on Twitter (@TheWeirdTeacher) for a while and I had begun to participated in the #WeirdEd chats so I thought it might be good to read the book and figure out the back story. I am SO glad that I did!

First of all, I could NOT put it down. The chapter on bodily fluids brought to mind an experience I had in my classroom (a computer lab) this past school year. I ended up trading a series of tweets with Doug about it (after I’d gotten done wiping the tears from my eyes) and it ultimately resulted in this… my attempt at a blog. I’m going to try my hand at blogging and see how it goes. I christen thee “Lab Experiments!”

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