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This year, inspired by Craig Kemp (@mrkempnz) and his Techie Brekkie idea and the #DEN Sit Club, I am going to start a “club” for my faculty and staff this year – the Break-Tech Club. (Yes, I am a fan of those 80s John Hughes films… and I like the idea of an homage.)

But unlike the Breakfast Club, where the kids were assigned to a mandatory Saturday school, the Break-Tech Club will be an optional¬†75 minute “stay and play” experience focusing on teachers getting a short introduction to a piece of technology and then getting to PLAY with the technology in hopes that they will incorporate it into their classrooms throughout the year. I’ll also share a #DEN resource that either can be app-smashed with the tech or that correlates to the tech.

As part of the Break-Tech Club, I am going to serve breakfast, which I’ve prepared – I love cooking, especially for my dear friends – and in honor of the #DEN Sit Club, perhaps I’ll pick up the “required” Starbucks. *wink*

Dates are to be determined, but with the Wifi imminently approaching installation in my lab – my new desktop computers JUST arrived yesterday – I anticipate calling on my #DEN family to help via Skype and GHO and all those other wonderful ways that we can share!

The Break-Tech Club – Coming Fall 2014

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