Break-Tech Club

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This year, inspired by Craig Kemp (@mrkempnz) and his Techie Brekkie idea and the #DEN Sit Club, I am going to start a “club” for my faculty and staff this year – the Break-Tech Club. (Yes, I am a fan of those 80s John Hughes films… and I like the idea of an homage.) But […]

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Reflections and Aspirations

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I left #DENSI2014 nearly two weeks ago. And while I have been ruminating regarding my reflections, my life has taken a sharp turn to the left with regard to family commitments and activities. So I’ve had to postpone the gushing (except on Facebook and to any person who asks me, “How was Nashville?”) and the […]

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Challenge Accepted!

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So I have begun my summer reading (after completing three weeks of summer school and while simultaneously working on my Edmodo Ambassador application, prepping for DENSI 2014 as a first time attendee, preparing three kids for camp, preparing for the first trip to my birth state of Michigan in eight years, etc.) and one of […]

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