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DEN Summer Institute 2014… Just some thoughts

Posted by Ania Figueroa

Although it has been almost two months, I wanted to share some thoughts that have been in my head for a bit… on one of the most intense learning weeks that I have experienced.  DENSI2014 was by far one of the best professional experiences in a while for me.  Why? I continue to ask myself this question… mostly in order to process all the events from that week which are still all fragmented pieces in my head… getting connected little by little as I think of someone I met or a conversation that was had, or I read a message on FB, Edmodo, Twitter or sit down to collaborate with a colleague and find myself talking about the DEN Summer Institute! (and get weird looks from people who I’m guessing are thinking that I’m crazy).

The whole experience in Nashville made me realize how little I knew about DE and integrating tech tools in the classroom.  This realization or I guess I can call it my DENpiphany! Has definitely pushed me to reflect on my teaching practices and what I can provide for my students and colleagues.  Even though I still feel like I don’t know anything… I am extremely lucky and thankful to be a member of this network so I can continue to learn in order to support others around me and provide my students with experiences that will open up the world to them.  I am hoping that through these experiences, I can foster a love for learning that many of my students lack and can motivate my colleagues to take chances and go outside of their classroom walls…

This start of the school year has been very challenging as I tackle a new teaching position, take grad courses and try to spend as much time with my family (especially my daughter: a toddler entering into the fun, but totally scary 2’s!).  But with all this, the DEN is keeping me on target… although I have not had too much time to participate in some of the events… I can count on the wonderful people of the DEN that are always connected to answer a question or share an inspiring thought (Thank you Lindsay Foster!!!); this is what makes the DEN Summer Institute such an amazing experience.

I am extremely excited that my School District has partnered up with DE and that they are developing the Teachers Leader Corp.  Although I am not part of the TLC, I am a DEN Star and was given the opportunity to lead other DEN Stars in our district to continue learning, connecting and collaborating…

Because of the DEN… I set a goal for this year: to communicate more… Blogging is very new to me (can’t thank Rafranz Davis enough), but it is great to share my thoughts this way to keep the learning alive!




Here I am…

Posted by Ania Figueroa

So I have been thinking about blogging for a while…. at the DENSI2014 Unconference session for blogging I finally decided to actually just do it!  Thanks Rafranz Davis for facilitating our little round table of beginner bloggers!