DENSI2014 Reflection

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My DENtastic Experience!

I subscribe to other blogs and I started my DENSI2013 blog post but thought too much and never showed anyone. As I was dozing on my first flight headed home from DENSI2014 I started thinking about what everyone shared at the closing session and what I was going to do differently this year.

Last year, I went back and although everyone should know this by now, I started tweeting. I became the webmaster for my division, had a Google Tip of the Week, Web Tool of the Week, and created a YouTube Channel. I told my Superintendent that we needed to kick it up a notch for the 2014-15 school year and created a Facebook account. I realized why should I stop there, so I created an Instagram account for my division too. I created myself a Facebook account as well. I came to DENSI2014 and once again, I learned so much more and sitting back getting comfortable thinking I’ve learned all I need to know is a false statement.

We all come to DENSI with so much knowledge but there’s always something else out there that we can learn. Do we have to be great at everything? Do we have to learn everything? No, take what you feel is going to work for you and if it’s just one thing – use it to the best of your ability.

What do I do now? At the Nashville airport I sent Jannita an email to do the Ambassador program for my school division. As I started to doze off on the plane, I was thinking about what else I needed to do – BLOG! I sat up and started this one. 2014-15 goal: Will blog. How will I make sure of it? Put it on my calendar as part of my schedule.

Is that it? Absolutely not! I am going to meet with the principals and share with them what Discovery Education is all about. I realized that maybe they don’t know about the features (i.e. Student Center, Board Builder, Audio Files, Images, all of the series) and it’s my responsibility to let them know so when they have their curriculum planning they can make sure teachers are including it in their plans. I will recommend DE resources to teachers that are aligned with their curriculum guides and not just rely on them to search – I’ll also be able to save them some time as well as allow them to see that DE has more to offer than digital streaming.

I have added to my “Who To Call List” and Tim Childers and Rafranz Davis were just two of my PLN people that I reached out to last year.

Monique Lyles & Barbara De Santis – when I need assistance with the apps they’ve shared with me.
Carlos Fernandez, Sandi Dennis, & Selena Ward – back channeling
Connie Mulligan – green screen & puppetry
Karen Ogen & Kat Staton – aurasma
Anne Truger – Google Plus
My roommate – who gave me a pair of reading glasses and it allowed me to write this while I’m flying, Ana Hale. She’s going to help me with me along with my new once-a-year masseuse, Laura Murphy with the Ambassador program.

I have more but I don’t want to bore you.

Finally, the DENSI experience makes you grow, become more innovative, causes you to change and become someone you were scared of. I too can be that person that kahoot’s, blogs, tweets, and posts! I am excited to share my knowledge and this school year get teachers in my division as excited as I am – if not more.

Until the next time – I’m Gina Powell from Virginia and I’m a DEN Star!

DENSI 2013

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What is DENSI 2013? It’s event you’re missing right now! The DEN is the Discovery Education Network and the DENSI – is the Discovery Education Network Summer Institute 2013.

I am presently in Burlington, Vermont with the Leadership Council learning about new things and mingling with some great folks from all over the United States and Canada!

Last year I went to Bozeman, Montana and had the opportuntity to go to Yellowstone National Park and see the geysers!

You want to be a part of the DEN? No problem! Maybe next year we can travel together. Just log onto Discovery Education and go to My DEN.

I’m leaving to go on a boat ride on Lake Champlain so I’ll update you more tomorrow if I have time because I’ll be going to visit the Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Factory! :-)

Watching the sunset on Lake Champlain! Wish you were here!


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     Voxer allows you to turn your cell phone into a walkie-talkie! If you have a Smart phone you can download the app for free and talk to friends & family. I think this is a great way to connect with people especially when you are driving. You can send a message and keep your eyes on the road. You can also have groups and send the same message to everyone at once.


Tappahannock Elementary School & Discovery Education

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     As teachers prepare for their winter break they received a some pointers for integrating Discovery Education digital media into their classrooms. As the school district’s ITRT, I shared how they can view DE videos and add to their content library. When they return we can collaborate and create assignments and quizzes. During the regular classroom day everyone gets busy and an extended break is a great opportunity to explore DE. Teachers can begin 2013 with resources that are exciting, interesting, and aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning by just making a few clicks!

Ready! Set! Discovery!

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We has a successful Professional Development in Essex County! Teachers learned how to utilize the student center by creating folders, adding video segments, making assignments, quizzes and writing prompts for their students. During their first 9 weeks in the classroom I will be going to their schools to observe them put Discovery Education in action.

They were very excited the teachers included a magnificent music teacher, a fabulous french teacher, and spectacular special education teachers! I am looking forward to seeing them use Discovery Education in their classrooms and will post thier success stories soon!

Professional Development

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I’ve been working on preparing for my Professional Development all day and I keep finding the greatest things on Discover Ed as well as the DENSI12 Edmodo group. What this means is that I get sidetracked and have not accomplished much for my PD but I have learned so much more from my peers!

Gina Powell’s Blog

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Hello World!

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Welcome to your new DEN blog! This is your first post. Edit or delete it, and then start blogging!