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DENSI 2013

What is DENSI 2013? It’s event you’re missing right now! The DEN is the Discovery Education Network and the DENSI – is the Discovery Education Network Summer Institute 2013.

I am presently in Burlington, Vermont with the Leadership Council learning about new things and mingling with some great folks from all over the United States and Canada!

Last year I went to Bozeman, Montana and had the opportuntity to go to Yellowstone National Park and see the geysers!

You want to be a part of the DEN? No problem! Maybe next year we can travel together. Just log onto Discovery Education and go to My DEN.

I’m leaving to go on a boat ride on Lake Champlain so I’ll update you more tomorrow if I have time because I’ll be going to visit the Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Factory! :-)

Watching the sunset on Lake Champlain! Wish you were here!