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A-E-I-O-U Video Note-taking Worksheet

I really liked the Spotlight on Strategy (SOS) Challenge from December, 2012. It suggested using a table for students to take notes while watching video instruction. I created a worksheet based on the article and uploaded it to the Teacher Resource library for you to check out and download. Hope it helps you.


An archaeologist from a local university spoke with our 5th graders today. He is a faculty member with the Community History and Archaeology Program in Schools (CHAPS) at UT Pan American. Our students were captivated by his presentation. To prepare, my students watched the DE streaming show “The Magic School Bus Shows and Tells” and a segment on archaeology of the Shang Dynasty in China.

Hello World!

Come join my world! I’m a 5th grade Science teacher of bilingual students. The work is challengingĀ and never-ending — and I love it. Join me on my quest to inspire and educate budding scientists.