SCICON in Montana!

SCICON 2010! 

Saturday, Jan. 9th
Discovery Education 1st Annual virtual Science Conference – SciCON (as it is referred to)
9 AM – 1 PM – in the high school computer lab
Free food (It is catered), drinks and prizes! Everyone will walk away with something from Discovery!!

DEN SCIcon 2010 is an online conference (with a twist) focused on providing participants with some of the most effective strategies for transforming their science classes through the meaningful and effective integration of digital media content.  Join thousands of educators from around the world for an amazing day of professional development sessions, networking and sharing.

Come for a little bit or all day!
Anyone attending, please let me know, even if it is for a half hour or so.
You can also register yourself at;

For more information come see me or go to :
Allison Bakken

Finally my Blog is working again!

I have had issues with my Twitter plug-in. My blog had 334 tweet entries since April. I fixed the problem and I am hoping it will leave my blog alone.

Facebook + promoting student videos = disabled account

What happens when you want to promote a student-made video for a contest, you get a notice that your account has been disabled. It has been frustrating, but I figure there is a reason from a higher power.

So what happened, you ask?

My students made a video for the NCCE conference (Northwest Council of Computer Educators) called digitalkies. I found out that I made the finals and wanted to promote the video, since you win by getting people to vote. I went to the NCCE page and started sending “canned” messages to members, since you have to be a memeber of NCCE to vote. After I sent about 40 messages, suddenly I was kicked off of facebook with a note that my account has been disabled.

Since the episode. I have been many emails to facebook and now I am in the appeal process. It is frustrating, but I learned that you must read the bylaws! After reading, I figure I broke the “solicitation” rule, since it best fits what I did. It is interesting, but I suggest read the bylaws and rules because there are many things that you may not know that could be affecting your account. They also do not give warnings!

Anyway, cross your fingers that this ordeal will soon be over. If not I will be creating another account soon.

Geeks Radio! win an MSI wind notebook


want to win something!!!

Check it out at

Townsend Technology Night is quickly approaching

The history of the Internet

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.

Technology Night Ideas, anyone?

My school is hosting a technology night for 4th, 5th, 6th grade students, parents, and any other community members. I have such wonderful colleagues and we are brainstorming ideas and topics to share. So far we have sketched an outline of what we plan to do for the night. We will be having it on January 28th. If you have hosted a technology night or have any ideas that you could contribute, it would be very much appreciated! Hope to hear from all of you!

MySpace and Facebook info. for parents/educators

This week I will have the opportunity to teach a class about social networking for parents. It is important that parents, as well as, educators stay abreast of online networking. It can be used in so many positive ways, however, one must be aware of the implications that occur if used improperly. It has been eye-opening to put together my presentation.

Here is a web page where I compiled a list of websites and videos that will make you a little more aware…

I would encourage everyone to purchase “A Guide to for Parents” by Sgt. Corey MacDonald Esq. at