Discovery Education for the Summer

Here is the blog post I shared with my teachers after finishing step 2 of the Rising Stars Program through Discovery Ed. I thought I would share with all!

   Many of you reading this post know all about Discovery Education but for those that don’t and just in case….. I want to really encourage EVERYONE!  to take some time and look around in Discovery Education.  I am doing the Rising Star program right now encouraged by Roseann Burklow, Laura Miller and the great Discovery Ed trip 7 of us took in June.

A great place with some great resources is found on the Disovery login page before you log in across the top under Teacher/Parents/Students so check it out sometime….


Another great use of Discovery Education is to subscribe and search the Discovery Ed Youtube Channel.  Lots of great videos can be found here.   One video gives teachers some great ideas about how to use Discovery Education in the classroom.  Take about an hour and watch this video you might just learn something new.  I learned tons about Discovery Ed.

Finally need some Flipped Classroom ideas the Youtube channel is a good place to search but here is a sample lesson from  Lodge McCammon 

Summer Time is a Great Time to Explore Discovery Education and see what it can offer you and your students.





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  1. SO great to see your name in the blogs. I’d love to hear more about Rising Stars.

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