My new thing is blogging this year so this will hopefully be one of the those ways I share with the Discovery Ed family.  I plan to set aside time each week just for blogging.  I really enjoy sharing this way.  So many ways to share funny things unique things and only those who take the time to read the blogs get to enjoy sometimes the humor in your life.  I will trying out a new blog with teachers this year with sites and tips that they might want to try in their classroom or that I try in the media center.  As well I will share those here!  For the purpose of sharing how I blog here are my links….

Book Blog ( I have had this one for a really long time):

MMS Media Tip Blog ( This is brand new for teachers this year and I will dual post to the DE blog):

Enjoy blogging it is a great tool for sharing both personally and professionally your ideas, etc.  Also I want to be a better tweeter so more to come on working on that.

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