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See and download the full gallery on posterous My son slaying the dragon!

This is just sad

I took all the decorations down and the ornaments off the tree and yet our Christmas tree is still standing in the middle of our living room!

Gettin to play Santa in Jan

See the full gallery on posterous 10 Promethean ActivBoards with projectors, doc cams, speakers, dual user, activexpressions and lots of excitement just arrived at my school : )

Awesome night!

See and download the full gallery on posterous For those who know me you will understand….I got to DANCE all night to Infinity at the Cubby Bear!!!

Shelly Loves Raspberries!!

This is our Red Footed Tortoise eating raspberries…she will “run” across her tank for raspberries.

Labor of Love

I have been working on creating a user group for Promethean Planet for 3 months…it’s finally open to the public..Announcing : Flip4 SpEd! A user group tailored to meet the needs of special Ed teachers.

My non office

I have an office but I am never there…this is the result.

Stories Everywhere

Today we finally took all of the ornaments off the tree…it’s amazing to me how every ornament has a story behind it.

Always a day behind

I always seem to be at least a day behind. Yesterday we spent all day downtown. There was a beautiful view from the window of the BubbleNet Cafe at the Shedd Aquarium. DSC00502  

Nathan@Windy City

He works so hard! This is my 365 for today. I am soooo proud of him!