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Winter fun! Where did winter go?

Monday’s picture

Nathan hates sharing a bed with his brother claims Corey takes up whole bed but now we see the truth…LOL

Sunday fun

A game a laser tag before we left.

Up high and Not Even Scared!

Nathan overcame his fear of heights to climb the new ropes course at Wilderness.

Knuckleheads at Moosejaws Pizza in the Dells

Nathan and his Papa goofing around the night before The Dells Vacation Classic gym meet.

Montana Dreams

I have spent the last two weeks trying to decide what I am going to do to apply for the Discovery Summer Institute this year. I think I finally have a concept.

Budding songwriter

Imagine our surprise when we went to check on Nathan to be sure he was asleep and found an unfinished song!

Is he really going to high school?!?!?

Having trouble withy he thought that my oldest is getting ready to begin his high school journey.

Welcome Class of 2016!

OMG! I can’t believe this Corey is going into high school!

Missed 2 but wow what a day today!

See the full gallery on Posterous What an amazing day at school today! Is this in YOUR job description??!?! : )