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December Ramblings

I have had a month of great news and I wanted to share. In the beginning of December I got the news that I PASSED my Principal’s Test, in the state of Illinois this is the test I needed to pass to get my Administrative Certification. A few weeks ago I got more great news, […]


I am down to the wire and need to get my proposals submitted for NECC today or tomorrow. I find that I keep going back to my old stand bys for presenting…Clay Animation. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE doing it! I get a great sense of accomplishment and no one seems to mind me […]

I’m Back!

I am so glad to be back. There were so many time in the last 2 weeks that I wanted to blog, but couldn’t. I never realized that I would miss it until I couldn’t do it. This is a personal blog but I feel safe sharing here, so here goes. My personal world has […]