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April 6th, 2011 · No Comments · Daily Posts

My Kinders learn a new song on the SMART board!

I am excited to be a part of the Discovery Educator Network.  I have learned so much at the events I have attended.  I look forward to the next online event on April 30.

My name is Beth Arsenault.  I teach full day Kindergarten in Pinckney, MI.  I am currently working toward a Masters in Educational Technology at Michigan State University.

I have a new SMARTboard in my classroom this year.  I am learning all about this amazing techie tool.  I can’t even compare last year to this year.  My students are loving the fun and interactive way to learn.  For example, all my kids can count by twos now.  This time last year we were still working on it.  The Youtube video, helped my kids sing along with and see the numbers on the SMARTboard.

I am working on creating a space in my classroom for creating videos.  I want to incorporate paper slide video creation and videos of my students presenting their work into our day.  I am also working on setting up student blogging for next school year.  I am now leaning toward podcasting for the beginning of the year.  I have received so many ideas/resources from DEN blogs and events that will help me accomplish my goals.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  I am really enjoying reading all of the DEN blogs.   I have a classroom blog:

Happy Blogging!