Make Mistrakes and Try Again!

DEN Ambassador is starting

We started DEN Ambassador class tonight.  4 units for the year. yippee.  Since I missed the DENSI I am getting the kool-aid locally, but that is what I have right now.  So once a month we are going over strategies, and go over our FAILs and Successes.  It should be a great time, I am really looking forward to it.

On the home front I have bought a used Nissan Leaf!  It’s a 2012 and I am jazzed driving it around town and finding out how far I can drive it.  Last night I got the car down to 6 miles of range left when I plugged it in.  :-)

A brand new year…

Hey everyone out there.  I am on day 3 of our new school year.  On top of the Computer Tech elective class that I started last year I am also going to teach an AVID class.  If you have taught AVID to eighth graders or ever send me some of your great ideas, or tell me the ones that flopped horribly those have something to learn from as well!

20 minutes to start my day!

It never seems to be enough time before my day starts.  I try different things and end up getting sucked into something on youtube, DE, an SOS or something else.  Not complaining, it is an exciting time to be a part of Education and I am happy to do it!

Beginning Second Quarter

This is the video Quarter, This quarter the assignments are longer and the students will be working with partners or small groups, can you say nervous??????   I am having the students do their “discussions” on google docs so that it can be attached to their projects and they will be graded, which is enough to keep most of their fingers working, and the fact that it is on the computer keeps most of them working as well.

Mrs. Snider showed me yesterday and it was too cool.  One problem that I have come up against right off the bat is having the kids put a discovery ed video on a google presentation, it didn’t show the video, instead it dropped in the URL which didn’t go over too well with the students.  Some of the students are racking their brains trying to put the video in and some are giving up or just waiting until someone else does it and shows them how.  Which I am not going to do on day two of the project.  I will show them on Monday or Tuesday.  That will give them plenty of time to finish before Friday.


More later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Try it with the students…

I have some fantastic students!  The last new thing for the quarter is having them make their own Blog.  So far I have given them some very minimal guidelines:  School Appropriate, writing on posts should be at least 500 words per post.  images are ok, so are video clips, again school appropriate.  Simple beginning having them create 3 writing prompts and choose one to do and then post the finished post on Edmodo.  Does anyone know of something I should add?



Two weeks to the end of the first quarter :)

I can’t say that the quarter has gone according to plan, but pretty close.  This week we finished practicing with Google’s Presentation.  I have to say that sometimes the student reach a level way beyond what I thought was possible.  Like figuring out how to do a screen shot with a chrome laptop, so that they can have a picture of each and everyone of the assignments that they finished for their slides, and I thought copy and paste was cool, nope this is the next level.  Do you ever have those leaps with your kids as well  when you set the bar where you think it is just high enough and they do something amazing like step over the bar and say “What’s next???”

Yes I still have the wide range of learning curves in the room, but they are helping each other, and feeding off each other’s good ideas.

Ok, now what did I do?

Hi, Recently I opened Discovery Ed to find my Star was gone….  Have you tried living without your star?  Now that you know all of the things that go with it?  All the great lesson ideas, the comradery, and the fun summer institute.  YOU don’t want to go back to teaching the old way.  Martha let me know that they were doing some updates to the system, not to worry, and just make a phone call.

So apparently as a reminder to myself to get my events logged in, or else!!!


Have a great week!

Back to school night, oh joy 11 hours at school….

No it’s not as bad as all that, but it is one of those things to just get through on top of everything else.

Now for the good things, finished week two, I went to the local comic-con this weekend and that was fun.  Some of my students were there and asked to take my picture with them, that was nice.  I am excited about this week, we are learning google forms.  I am so jazzed about what they can do, and how easy it is, and how many ways they can be shared.  It is a lot like the DENSI, the more I learn the more I want to learn.

Has any one else learned this Google stuff and have any ideas that can help me when I teach them.


10 hours 27 minutes to go!!!!!!  I am tired just thinking about it.



First Full Week Finished, check!

So far, so good! Beta week is what I called it. So day 1 with the chrome books and half of them weren’t charged, problem solved. 5 – 10 students per class do not know their username and password for their grapevine accounts, Martha Snider helped me with that one too. Still working on getting them all logged into Discovery Education. How can they share the best resources, without it.

This week they are going to be working on Google Docs, cut, paste, copy, insert text, insert pictures, the works!

And the heartbreaking news that I don’t get to go to Denapalooza in Anaheim, we don’t have enough for that and the Colorado trip at the end of September. Sorry Dana.

One day until school starts!

Ok, so I didn’t know that we had such a huge turn over in staff. I knew a couple teachers were going to be in new positions at different schools, but this was more, even office staff have changed.
On a positive, our new principal seems very confident, and supportive. Which is great, but I still don’t have a set of computers assigned to my class, (that would be computer science), that the kids will be able to use consistently. I get to check out a set every two weeks. :-)
Now I get to make my new copies for the new classes, I really am excited about the year, but did you ever just want to throw out all of the stuff on your shelves at the beginning of the year, and start with nothing again?
Please let me know where your blog is so I can read it and get some of your incredible ideas!