Discovery Education & Scholastic Book Fair Contest

At the November 2012 annual Scholastic Book Fair at Parkdale High School, students were offered an incentive to use a new learning tool. Discovery Education. Discovery Education is a digital learning resource which offers digital video, interactive techbooks, virtual labs and more.

A video was selected by the librarian, Ms. Bianca Johnson to help students develop strategies for understanding complex topics. Students had to respond to a writing prompt on the Discovery website. As a result, five winners were selected. the top student entry was submitted by a 9th grader. John was thrilled to learn how Discovery Education can help him improve his grades. He plans to look at his class syllabus before class and watch videos before the teacher talks about new topics. John was able to select a gift of his own choosing from the book fair. He plans to continue to use his new Discovery Education account to help him get good grades.


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