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  1. unitedstreaming new features debut on Monday

    If you’ve been away from unitedstreaming over the summer while you’ve relaxed and enjoyed some time away from the classroom, Monday might be the perfect time to login to unitedstreaming and see what’s new.  We are debuting some new features based on feedback from users about the things you need the most, including: Lesson plans:  […]

  2. Blogs, podcasts and wiki’s. Oh My!

    While many teachers across the country are just becoming comfortable using PowerPoint and the Internet as an educational tool, others are integrating new technologies, ones with funny names.  More and more educators are finding value in things called weblogs, podcasts and wiki’s.  So what are all of these things and how can I use them […]

  3. Tell Better Stories

    Are you looking for alternatives to the traditional book report and research projects that teachers have assigned for generations?  One of the fastest growing and exciting new trends in instructional technology is the concept of digital storytelling—the process of combining standard narratives with digital resources using the growing array of multimedia tools and video software […]

  4. Discovery and the Tour…The Final Day

    Well,  the trip has been completed and due to some airline difficulties (of which no fault was Discovery’s) Laura and I did not get back to home until around 11 PM Monday evening and with all of the partying on Sunday night I was unable to post until today and I apologize for that.   […]

  5. Create Inspiring Lessons

    Over the past several years, many teachers have discovered the power of using concept-mapping software and graphic organizers to help students to organize ideas, formulate hypotheses, or outline writing tasks. Inspiration software is perhaps the most familiar application in this category, especially in middle and high school classrooms, while Kidspiration has become quite popular in […]

  6. The Finale!

    Finally, the day came.The Tour in its finale, as it turns out, is much like combination of Thanksgiving and the SuperBowl.  There is a parade.  Big floats.  Crazy fans.  Lots of security. But very much worth the journey.We started with a very fancy lunch at the famous Laurent restaurant.  We all got the all important […]

  7. More Notes (and Links to follow!)

    For the moment, I am just posting little glimpses of the travels of Brad and Laura and Dave and Andrea.  Brad and Dave are putting together a complete package from the trip–but this should give a hint of what they’ll be producing. Below, a young Swede relaxes in one famous and fabulous gardens dotting Paris.  […]

  8. Supporting Videos for Lessons

    Since I know there are a number of educators out there who were planning to create some lessons to go along with these blog posts, I took a look through the unitedstreaming library to find some clips that you might want to use to provide more in depth information about some of the sites Brad, […]

  9. Grand Delights

    Yesterday was quite an eventful day.  Our day began with a trip to Versailles which was built by Louis XIV.  The Palace itself was quite striking on the outside, but it was the art on the inside and the gardens that were the most impressive to me. The example to the left demonstrate the incredible […]

  10. Night in Paris (Discovery the sites)

    The men from Paris are working on their video journals.  I watched as Brad narrated his while shooting the Eiffel Tower at night as it ran through it’s sparkling sequence, which it does on the hour at night–like a house with Christmas lights gone wild. In the meantime, here are some of things from today […]

  11. More from France

    We have been on fast, good look at Paris.  Below, from the first day, Brad takes a photograph of the Mona Lisa. Yes, the real Mona Lisa… Next, a shot of Dave interviewing Boy Scouts at the Arc de Triumph.  You won’t believe the questions they had about American kids (stay tuned). More to come.  […]

  12. About Me

    My name is Dick Marchessault and I joined the new Discovery Educator Network after traveling across the country for three years as a unitedstreaming trainer. Prior to working for Discovery, I taught English and social studies at Addison Trail High School in Illinois and then worked as a technology training specialist at Niles West High […]

  13. Writing Prompt – and a few notes from the field.

    Brad and Dave are doing very, very, well–braving jetlag, technology problems, and a lot of new things to bring you their work on the blog. I have only these to share:  What would the story be behind this French tourist returning to France from Los Angeles (see at LAX):       If you can’t tell, […]

  14. What a Day Today Was

    We had a magnificient first day.  Paris is truly a beautiful city with fascinating sights and sounds.  Check out our first videos for the week.  We have learned a lot about video editing as well today so check for new video tricks and features each day.Download Thursday7-21-05.wmv  Technology note:  The Windows Media Player version you […]

  15. Let the Adventure Begin

    Well the day of departure is finally here and I can honestly say I am anything but certain about what I expect from the next 4 days other than knowing that I will sleep as little as possible once I get off the plane. I am excited about the opportunity to learn more about the […]

  16. Soon, in France

    In the Arclight cinema and restaurant, children’s menus are served with the crayons with three languages:  English, Spanish, and French. It occurred to me these were a metaphor for the universality of some things educational.  In 11 hours, we will find out if there are more. If you can think of such things for us […]

  17. Using Video to Supplement Read Alouds

    I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this past weekend and it made me a little nostalgic for the classroom.   One of my favorite parts of the day was right after lunch, when I’d spend 20 minutes reading aloud to my third grade students.  We made a plan at the beginning of the […]

  18. The Getting to One Summit

    Welcome to the Getting to One post-summit blog.  This is a space for you to share your experiences of the Summit and ongoing progress of your projects and initiatives.  As you experienced at the Getting to One Summit, sharing and learning from peers is inspiring and empowering.  We have found that one team’s experiences can […]

  19. Video Invitation from the Team

    We hope to be posting videos and daily blogs from Paris as we visit during the finale of the Tour de France.  While they are there, Brad and Dave will be making videos that will be in the permanent archives of the Discovery Educator Network.  If you can think of video subjects or interviews they […]

  20. A Voice From the Tour Team is Heard

    I figure someone should get this blog going so here we are.  For those of you who will be following our adventures I thought it might be helpful to have some basic background info on who we are.  My wife and I are both educators in Orange County, North Carolina (North of Chapel Hill).  I […]

  21. Gauntlet!

    Very amusing, o’ blog staff. Applying pressure? No problem! My machine is back from intensive care on the East Coast. Tonight there will be blogs and videoblogs!  In addition, the two terrific educators on their way to France as Discovery documentarians will also have blogs here. Even from France!  Yes, they have the Internet there, […]

  22. Stay Tuned for Exciting News!

    Hall Davidson will be posting here soon with some exciting news about his upcoming trip to watch Lance and the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team in their attempts to win their 7th Tour de France! Check back over the weekend for details about the trip, the educators who are joining him, and their plans to […]