Archives for July 15, 2005

  1. A Voice From the Tour Team is Heard

    I figure someone should get this blog going so here we are.  For those of you who will be following our adventures I thought it might be helpful to have some basic background info on who we are.  My wife and I are both educators in Orange County, North Carolina (North of Chapel Hill).  I […]

  2. Gauntlet!

    Very amusing, o’ blog staff. Applying pressure? No problem! My machine is back from intensive care on the East Coast. Tonight there will be blogs and videoblogs!  In addition, the two terrific educators on their way to France as Discovery documentarians will also have blogs here. Even from France!  Yes, they have the Internet there, […]

  3. Stay Tuned for Exciting News!

    Hall Davidson will be posting here soon with some exciting news about his upcoming trip to watch Lance and the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team in their attempts to win their 7th Tour de France! Check back over the weekend for details about the trip, the educators who are joining him, and their plans to […]

  4. Christa McAuliffe

    Next week marks the 20th anniversary of Christa McAuliffe’s selection as the first Teacher in Space. (Note to summer school teachers:  there is a great clip of this event on the "History in the Making, 1986" video on unitedstreaming. You can find it easily by clicking Learning Tools/Calendar/July 19).  As I’ve been watching the events […]