Writing Prompt – and a few notes from the field.

Brad and Dave are doing very, very, well–braving jetlag, technology problems, and a lot of new things to bring you their work on the blog.

I have only these to share:  What would the story be behind this French tourist returning to France from Los Angeles (see at LAX):      

If you can’t tell, he is bringing a box of California wine home to France (see enlargement).


Another sighting:  What do you think they make at this plant?


Could it have something to do with this sign across the street?


Finally, can you make up a story to explain this image:

And a close with a Monet-like image from the Paris skyline from the roof of the restaurant.  Do you Parlando impressionism?


  1. Uncle Rip

    Enjoying the stories and pictures. Send more pictures of the two of you! Uncle Rip

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