Archives for July 22, 2005

  1. Night in Paris (Discovery the sites)

    The men from Paris are working on their video journals.  I watched as Brad narrated his while shooting the Eiffel Tower at night as it ran through it’s sparkling sequence, which it does on the hour at night–like a house with Christmas lights gone wild. In the meantime, here are some of things from today […]

  2. More from France

    We have been on fast, good look at Paris.  Below, from the first day, Brad takes a photograph of the Mona Lisa. Yes, the real Mona Lisa… Next, a shot of Dave interviewing Boy Scouts at the Arc de Triumph.  You won’t believe the questions they had about American kids (stay tuned). More to come.  […]

  3. About Me

    My name is Dick Marchessault and I joined the new Discovery Educator Network after traveling across the country for three years as a unitedstreaming trainer. Prior to working for Discovery, I taught English and social studies at Addison Trail High School in Illinois and then worked as a technology training specialist at Niles West High […]