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  1. Going Beyond the Four Walls…

    For the 5th year in a row, San Francisco will host a Grand Prix event for the Pro Cycling Team, where 160 world class riders will wind themselves through the steep and crooked streets.  Eight members of Discovery’s Pro Cycling Team, led by George Hincapie, will take on this grueling 108 mile race.  Can you […]

  2. Who Said What? Who Needs What?

    Thanks to the veteran teachers for some great comments/advice in our previous post! Carrie Strasburger from Arlington Traditional School and Barrett Elementary in Arlington, VA submitted an idea for a first day activity that I thought warranted a post of its own. All the details on the first day can be overwhelming – this is […]

  3. Discover More…

    Being “Fresh out of the Classroom,” as some have referred to me as, especially since I still get excited about free notebooks and pens, and brand new to the “Corporate” world, I have had such incredible adventures over the last few months as I acquaint myself more to Discovery.  As I have traveled around demonstrating […]

  4. It's Open House Time

    Now that the 2005-2006 school year is beginning for teachers and students in schools across the country, plans for Open House and Parent Night events are being finalized in many districts.  School leaders often host such events within the first few weeks of the school year to inform parents about curricular initiatives, school activities, and […]

  5. Advice for New Teachers!

    Welcome Back to School! I know that many of you, if you haven’t already, are heading back to the classroom this week. I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing summer and you are recharged and ready for a new school year. I also know that there are many new teachers out there who are […]

  6. Online Delivery Shows Promise for High Stakes Assessment

    While various states have experimented with delivering statewide assessments via the Internet, many educators still have mixed emotions related to the academic benefits of online testing. Recently, Oregon Department of Education officials celebrated the academic gains shown by students taking the TESA (Technology Enhanced Student Assessment).  In the eSchool News article, “State: Online Testing Helped […]

  7. Introducing Digital Discovery

    In response to requests from educators who use unitedstreaming, later this week Discovery Education will launch Digital Discovery, a 32-page print resource guide for teachers with usable tips and ideas for integrating unitedstreaming into classroom curriculum.  The premier issue features articles and tips that related to the theme "Connecting to the World", including: What Works: […]

  8. Online Training Opportunities

    Over the past several months, I have conducted dozens of unitedstreaming trainings in schools and regional education centers across the state. These face-to-face workshops are great ways for teachers and media specialists to learn more about the wide range of digital resources available on the site and to share ideas and strategies with other educators, […]

  9. Google Re-thinks Policy on Scanning Books

    After significant resistance, largely from the Association of American Publishers, Google has revised its Google Print policy.  Launched in October, Google Print is an initiative to make the full-text of books searchable through both a traditional Google search and also a customized search that indexes the libraries of several major universities.    While Google sees […]

  10. Not Your Parent’s School Anymore

    Interesting article on today about the changing face of classrooms — basic premise is that schools are moving away from 45 minute blocks of subject matter study to more technology-infused, cooperative learning in order to better prepare students to succeed in today’s information-based society. Has your school changed any of it’s teaching approaches to […]

  11. Igniting Student Achievement

    From February 28-March 3, The Illinois Computing Educators organization will be hosting the annual IL-TCE Technology Conference in St. Charles. The theme of the conference will be “Igniting Student Achievement” and will feature full day training workshops, keynote speakers, and a wide variety of general sessions and demonstrations. The deadlines for workshop and session proposals […]

  12. Open Source Hits Education

    Two recent posts in eSchool News have peeked my interest as to the feasibility and complexity of implementing open source software into the educational environment.  The first, “Open source not quite the panacea, say three schools”, examines three schools that have deployed open source software and found mixed to poor results.  One school, Pembina Trails […]

  13. Academy of Hope

    I met last night with the outreach team for the Arlington Academy of Hope, a school in Uganda built and supported by educators and volunteers from Arlington, VA.  Founded by John and Joyce Wanda, who were born and raised in a rural village in Uganda and immigrated to the US in 1996, the Arlington Academy […]

  14. Sally Walter posted a comment about this website in response to the Power of 10 post from the other day — she recommended Virtual Earth – a website on MSN that allows you to view roadmaps and aerial photos of places all around the world; I love this site – so I thought it deserved […]

  15. Sally Walter posted a comment about this website in response to the Power of 10 post from the other day — she recommended Virtual Earth – a website on MSN that allows you to view roadmaps and aerial photos of places all around the world; I love this site – so I thought it deserved […]

  16. Power of 10

    I love this website — The Power of 10s and our place in the universe is put into perspective through a series of photographs that begin 10 million light years from the universe and then ‘move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside […]

  17. The New Wave of Professional Development

    Classroom coaching currently rides on the crest of educational practices that are attracting a great deal of attention.  Knowing that the most effective professional development is job embedded, ongoing, and inquiry-based, many believe skilled coaches can truly make a difference in the quality of teaching that occurs in schools.  Coaching pushes schools to focus on […]

  18. Digital Storytelling in the classroom

    More and more, teachers are using technology to help students develop basic writing and language arts skills.  Digital Storytelling has become a hot topic in education for it’s benefits in helping students develop skills in voice, tone, mood, sequencing, cause and effect, planning, and writing.   To use one of Hall’s terms, Digital Storytelling is like […]