Daily Archives: October 3, 2005

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

I am a Physics Teacher at Red Lion Area High School in York County.  I also am the K-12 Science Coordinator and Staff Development Coordinator for Technology.  This year we are scheduled for a virtual field trip aboard NASA’s C-9 (Vomit Comet).  The trip was postponed because of Hurricane Rita, but we are looking  forward

Jim Hopton and Peggy Barger

We teach at the Jefferson-Morgan Elementary School, K-6, in Southwestern PA and have a combined teaching experience of 63 years.  Peggy is the Technology Education Teacher and Jim is the Elementary Art Instructor.  We have often been accused of being attached at the hip when it comes to technology integration.  (See our joint picture).  Michael

Alma Row

It is my pleasure as the Instructional Technology Specialist at the Lincoln IU to assist and support the technology integration efforts of the school districts of York, Adams and Franklin Counties. This school year I look forward to coordinating the regional middle and high school computer fairs.  Witnessing the enthusiasm, talent and imagination of the

Cindy Cowburn

I am a teacher at Northern Potter Children’s School.  This year I am looking forward to doing more SmartBoard activities with my class.  I have many teachers who made an impression on me throughout my school years.  However, my favorite teacher was my second grade teacher Mrs. Koch.  She was a teacher who made learning

Sue Ann Iannacci

I am a Science teacher at Ridley Middle School.  I teach 6th grade Adapted Life Science, 7th grade Adapted Earth Science , and 8th grade Adapted Physical Science. After being at the Keystones conference, I am excited about going back to school and being able to bring to my students many of the things I

Lance Rougeux

My name is Lance Rougeux and I recently joined the Discovery team after working for the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Bureau of Educational Technology.  I started my career as a middle school teacher in the School District of Philadelphia.  I taught at Julia de Burgos Bilingual Middle School and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  A