Archives for October 10, 2005

  1. Carrie Madden

    I teach 9th grade Biology I and 11-12th grade Advanced Placement Biology.  The AP Biology students and I take a trip to the University of Pittsburgh to perform some genetic engineering experiments.  The students get a chance to see what a real college lab "feels like" and they get to do some coolscience with technology.  […]

  2. Dennis Walters

    I teach keyboarding, word processing, and computer applications to grades 6th, 7th, and 8th at Knoch Middle School in western PA.  I start students out focused on becoming good touch typists in 6th grade, continue with word processing in 7th grade, and expand to the entire MSOffice package in 8th grade.  I try to expose […]

  3. Connie Lupold

    I teach science to sixth grade. I am also the technology team leader for our team of sixth grade teachers. I am looking forward to using a new Promethean Activboard this year. I think my favorite teacher was actually a college prof that I had in my master’s program at Kutztown University. Her name is […]

  4. Edward Carskadon

    I am an Eleventh Grade English teacher at Northern.  I am also the Audio Visual Coordinator for the building and I direct the fall play.  Generally, I answer and help anyone who has a question with our current technology although I am not actually a part of that department. I am looking forward to the […]

  5. Brian Adams

    I am a Technology Resource Teacher for K-3 students.  I see each of the classes in a computer lab.  I teach the students the expected technology standards while integrating my lessons and activities with their classroom curricula.  I split my week between two K-3 elementary schools in Colonial School District.  We are a suburb of […]

  6. Beth Lynam

    I presently teach eighth grade English and Science at Radnor Middle School.  Previously, I taught fourth grade at Garnet Valley Elementary School.  The one field trip I was looking forward to this year was the annual 8th grade camping trip to Sandy Hill, MD.  We were there from Sept. 21st – 23rd, and we could […]

  7. Jane Swan

    I teach 9th grade English and work as Language Arts Department Chair (7-12) in Twin Valley School District in Elverson, PA.  I am always encouraging our teachers to utilize technology.  We now have 5 computers in each English classroom and a department projector.  Blackboard is our online platform and we will be using Schoolcenter too, […]

  8. Michael Baker

    I teach Computer class to grades first through fifth. I am looking to move into a new position, Online Learning Coordinator. My favorite teacher is Carson Robbins. She is hard-nosed, but fair.  Demanding, but kind.  She really enjoys the classroom and made everyone in the classroom enjoy themselves.

  9. Beth Breiner

    I am a Technology Integration Specialist at Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21.  My role is to interact with teachers in making technology a seamless, integral part of the learning process. I will have several opportunities this year to work with teachers via workshops and conferences to emphasize the role of technology in aiding teachers to […]

  10. Catherine Galie

    My names is Catherine Galie and I teach classroom music and vocal music at Our Lady of Grace School (Penndel, PA) to students in Pre-K to grade 8.  I am always looking forward to a new school beginning because there are always new things I want to try, especially with technology, or revise lessons I […]

  11. Maryann Molishus

    I teach a self-contained second grade class at Goodnoe Elementary School in Newtown.  Goodnoe is part of the Council Rock School District . I also work with a partner in maintaining our school’s web site. One thing I am looking forward to is trying three of my “new” teaching activities with a new group of […]

  12. Elaine Clawson

    I teach 7th -12th graders computer technology in an alternative education setting.  I specifically teach Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet research, digital camera usage, keyboarding, as well as skill building software, Teen Biz 3000 and SuccessMaker.  I also team teach (with the guidance counselor) a class for the 11th/12th graders – Career Pathways.  This summer […]

  13. Win an LCD Projector

    As many of you probably know, one of the big technology conferences for educators in Illinois is scheduled for the middle of November. The 12th annual Illinois Education and Technology Conference 2005 will be held on November 17 and 18 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield. As always, the conference planners have put together […]