Archives for November 17, 2005

  1. Fall has arrived!

    My recent trip up north proved, contrary to popular belief by some of our East Coast colleagues, that California indeed does experience the beautiful Fall season.  I am sure the neighbors were wondering why this “tourist” kept pulling over, jumping out of the car, and snapping pictures, but I just couldn’t get enough of the […]

  2. Get a FREE unitedstreaming Resource Guide

    Have you received your unitedstreaming Resource Guide?!?  I asked that question today at 2 of my trainings.  Mark, pulled a magazine off his table and asked “This one?” as he held up a copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine. J  Which provided us all the great mid day laugh that was needed.  Later that afternoon, I asked […]

  3. A Noble Lunch

    Special thanks to principal Chris Mosely and the great teachers at Noble Elementary School in the Berryesa School District, who allowed me the privilege of having lunch with them and discussing the benefits of the Discovery Educator Network for their site.  During their lunch we talked about some of the new resources found in the […]