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High touch AND high tech

Dave Warlick asked a group of educators what they thought they would see if they walked into a classroom in 2015 in his blog postOur Classrooms are Irrelevant, not obsolete!.  His findings were a bit troubling though. I continue to be disturbed, however, by the number of educators who predict that the classroom will go

Meet your Tech Team

Okay… so you have heard me sing praises of your incredible Implementation (aka Tech) team, so I thought I would let some of you put faces to the names you have seen on emails or voices you have spoken with over the phone.    From Left to Right (Lisa Rice, Craig Halper, Monika Davis, Me,

The Ellipse

Oh Cali Tree… Oh Cali Tree… How lovely are your branches!  So… in between bundling up, marathon meetings, and my escapades on the ice we were able to visit The Ellipse.   This is a circular park, nestled between the White House and the Washington Monument that is home to the National Christmas Tree.  The added

Great Question – A Video Wish List!

A teacher from Georgia who attended a DEN event at the great statewide PBS station at Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) sent an email asking for a wish list for making videos.  She was applying "for a grant to get "things" needed for video making."  This is a great and delicious question.  Since I have been

December Ticket Game Winner

This month’s ticket game saw 28 participants earn a total of 320 tickets.  One Discovery Educator had three tickets while another had 60 tickets.  Scott Kinney, Discovery Educator Network East Coast Director, pulled this month’s winning ticket and it had Linda Cober’s (West Shore School District) name on it.  Congratulations, Linda!  For those of you

One Discovery Place

Last week was a big week for your friendly neighborhood DEN team.  The Discovery Educator Network crew spent some time in Silver Springs for a week of fun, team building, brainstorming and training (not necessarily in that order).  The location was Discovery’s corporate headquarters, One Discovery Place.  It’s about the size of a city block

Getting it Wright…

Today’s students must devlelop strong higher order thinking and and sound reasoning skills to compete in our global society. One of the skills NCREL’s enGauge framework identifies as a 21st Century Skill INVENTIVE THINKING skill is the ability to “Identify the essential elements in a problem as well as the interaction between those elements; use

A Visit to a PA Service Agency

Today, I had the pleasure of accompanying Pennsylvania DEN Field Manager Lance Rougeux and Maryland/DC Field Manager Rachel Amstutz to the Lincoln Intermediate Unit located in New Oxford, Pennsylvania.  Educators throughout three counties gathered together and discussed ways to integrate unitedstreaming into their curriculum.  Aside from the beautifully decorated room (including a tree decorated with