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Really Cool Site on Geometry and Art

Really Cool Site on Geometry and Art

Scanning through Marsha Ratzel’s blog (Reflections of a Techie), I came across a really cool site focused on exploring Math principles in Art as well as the Art in Math.  What’s the Problem? Geometry and Art Through the Ages is an interactive site sponsored by the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  One of the coolest (or

Black History Month

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Black History Month, and with the news of the passing of Coretta Scott King on Monday, it is quite likely that the history of the modern civil rights movement in the United States will generate even more interest this year. Many teachers have discovered the power of the unitedstreaming Calendar

So what's RSS?!

Are you confused by podcasting, podfeeds, iPods, and everything pod? A new weekly feature begins today, Guest Blogger of the Week. Brian Bartel kicks-off this series of informative posts by sharing his insights on RSS Feeders. GUEST BLOGGER of the WEEK: Meet Brian Bartel – Appleton West High School Science Teacher Want to keep up

Writely: Free Web-based word processor

I came across a post on (a great blog with tons of ideas for elementary and middle school teachers) that I wanted to share with you. James Tubbs (blogger behind, shared a cool resource called Writely.  Writely is a web-based word processor that allows you to edit your documents anytime, anywhere without having

The Water is Wide

I don’t know if any of you caught the Hallmark tv movie of The Water is Wide tonight, but I did.  I was actually waiting all weekend for it (and these type of movies are usually a little too Lifetime-ish for me).  But, Pat Conroy’s book was given to me as a graduation gift eight

Edu-Podcasting 101

I had the pleasure on Saturday to watch my colleague, Steve Dembo, conduct a great presentation titled "Edu-Podcasting 101." Steve demonstrated the basics of creating and publishing podcasts to a room full of teachers and technology/media specialists at the Northern Illinois Computing Educators annual Mini-Conference, and he also suggested some of the creative ways that

Just for Fun: Super Bowl Predictions

So, just for fun (and to see how many folks really read those weekly updates) I am curious to know what you think is going to happen in Super Bowl XL.  Post a comment with your prediction (e.g., Steelers 73 Seahawks -2).  In exchange for doing so, I will do two things.  First, if more

DEN at PETE&C: Updated Registration List

Three more weeks until the big event…I can hardly wait.  I’m working out all the details of our pyrotechnics show, but everything else is in good shape.  Here’s the registration list.  Make sure your name appears if you plan to show up.  If you don’t plan to show up and are on the list, let

The Network Launches in Florida!

After much anticipation, the Discovery Educator Network has officially launched in the Sunshine State.  Discovery welcomes our two most recent Field Managers Karen Seddon ( and Danielle Abernethy (  Both Karen and Danielle are skilled educators, trainers and community builders and we are ecstatic to have them join our team. This Wednesday, the three of

Happy Birthday Mozart

I just LOVE Google’s creative ways to keep us informed on commemorative events.  If you click on their website today you will see a sketch of Mozart in the "O" of the word Google.  I clicked here and it took be to websites that honor Mozart’s life. Then it hit me that I bet unitedstreaming