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  1. Black History Month

    Tomorrow marks the beginning of Black History Month, and with the news of the passing of Coretta Scott King on Monday, it is quite likely that the history of the modern civil rights movement in the United States will generate even more interest this year. Many teachers have discovered the power of the unitedstreaming Calendar […]

  2. So what's RSS?!

    Are you confused by podcasting, podfeeds, iPods, and everything pod? A new weekly feature begins today, Guest Blogger of the Week. Brian Bartel kicks-off this series of informative posts by sharing his insights on RSS Feeders. GUEST BLOGGER of the WEEK: Meet Brian Bartel – Appleton West High School Science Teacher Want to keep up […]

  3. Writely: Free Web-based word processor

    I came across a post on (a great blog with tons of ideas for elementary and middle school teachers) that I wanted to share with you. James Tubbs (blogger behind, shared a cool resource called Writely.  Writely is a web-based word processor that allows you to edit your documents anytime, anywhere without having […]

  4. The Water is Wide

    I don’t know if any of you caught the Hallmark tv movie of The Water is Wide tonight, but I did.  I was actually waiting all weekend for it (and these type of movies are usually a little too Lifetime-ish for me).  But, Pat Conroy’s book was given to me as a graduation gift eight […]

  5. Edu-Podcasting 101

    I had the pleasure on Saturday to watch my colleague, Steve Dembo, conduct a great presentation titled "Edu-Podcasting 101." Steve demonstrated the basics of creating and publishing podcasts to a room full of teachers and technology/media specialists at the Northern Illinois Computing Educators annual Mini-Conference, and he also suggested some of the creative ways that […]

  6. Just for Fun: Super Bowl Predictions

    So, just for fun (and to see how many folks really read those weekly updates) I am curious to know what you think is going to happen in Super Bowl XL.  Post a comment with your prediction (e.g., Steelers 73 Seahawks -2).  In exchange for doing so, I will do two things.  First, if more […]

  7. The Network Launches in Florida!

    After much anticipation, the Discovery Educator Network has officially launched in the Sunshine State.  Discovery welcomes our two most recent Field Managers Karen Seddon ( and Danielle Abernethy (  Both Karen and Danielle are skilled educators, trainers and community builders and we are ecstatic to have them join our team. This Wednesday, the three of […]

  8. Happy Birthday Mozart

    I just LOVE Google’s creative ways to keep us informed on commemorative events.  If you click on their website today you will see a sketch of Mozart in the "O" of the word Google.  I clicked here and it took be to websites that honor Mozart’s life. Then it hit me that I bet unitedstreaming […]

  9. Closed Captioning

    Want to help your kids increase their reading fluency by watching movies?!?  Turn on that Closed Captioning.  Whenever you see a CC by a movie title it means that Closed Captioning is available in Windows Media Player. To turn on your Closed Captioning you must go to the hot link titled "Show Media Controls" when […]

  10. Playlists

    The news of Playlists is spreading like fire through the districts in California. I have seen some excellent examples of teachers creating curriculum based playlists (i.e. 4th Grade Open Court Theme 2) and as all  DEN members do you are sharing your lists with your site and/or district. Remember, that you are the only one […]

  11. Discovery Education is all about the podcasting

    If you have even a remote interest in podcasting and education, you have to read the article  Students and Teachers, From K to 12, Hit the Podcasts from the New York Times.  Not only does it feature Discovery Educator Jeanne Halderson, recently feature on the Wisconsin DEN blog, but it also features Kathy Schrock, a […]

  12. A million users!

    Via the North & South Carolina blog: "Millionth View Celebration" 1,000,000 Views Did you know that with your help StreamlineSC is about to reach its Millionth View? Educators across our state have viewed almost 1,000,000 videos and we are going to CELEBRATE! The school that shows that millionth video will receive a projector from Discovery […]

  13. 21st century ‘cheating’ using Wikipedia

    I got an IM from Kevin Lim this morning asking whether I knew anything about students posting papers up to Wikipedia, letting people fix them up and then turning them in.  I had never heard about that before, but it piqued my curiosity so I decide to do some Google Searches research.  While I didn’t […]

  14. From ICE in Indianapolis!

    Here we are in a Digital Nuts and Bolts workshop with wonderful, creative, K-12 teachers. We are working with video and editable clips and will post sample projects at the end of the day.

  15. NICE Mini-Conference

    If you live in the northern part of the state, you should consider taking some time out of your busy schedule this Saturday, January 28, to attend the Twelfth Annual Mini-Conference hosted by the Northern Illinois Computing Educators. The event will be held at Maple School in Northbrook and runs from 8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Each […]

  16. Favorite Winter Videos!

    What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word…. VIRUS?   I used to think it was Bugbear, Blaster, Nimda… you know — all those pesky computer viruses that drive tech support staff crazy!   By the way… check out the CRSC for help with those nasty bugs!    This time of year […]

  17. Video editing without XP?

    Since the DEN team is so involved with Digital Media, I try to share new resources as I find them.  Today I found Avid FREE DV, a free version of the Avid video editor, available for both XP and OSX.  A few minutes after sending out that email, I got a message from Chris Marshall […]

  18. Millions of ‘free’ photos

    Ok, I admit it.  There have been a few times that I’ve been in a pinch and needed an image for a presentation quickly.  In the past, I’ve gone to Google Images, did a quick search and just grabbed one that seemed to fit my needs.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t have done it.  […]

  19. Texas Poster Winner

    Congratulations!  The National Poster Contest announced its winners and Texas has a winner!  For the elementary division, Miss Lisa Garcia, a 4th grader from Crockett Elementary in Borger ISD, is the winner!!!!  Ms. Judy Riggle, a technology teacher for over 400 third and fourth graders, is the Discovery Educator.  Students were to take an image […]

  20. Missed the webinar? Check it out now!

    Know what my favorite thing about EdTech Connect is?  It isn’t that we’ve got some amazing speakers lined up (like the esteemed Hall Davidson).  It isn’t that it’s completely free and open to anybody with an internet connection.  It isn’t that the people attending the webinar get to submit questions to the presenter throughout the […]