Climb aboard my private jet…

JetOkay… well maybe not so private but it has definitely been an adventure today.  It all started at 6 am when I my hubby was drive me to LAX, as we passed the airport with all the private jets he made the remark that maybe someday I would be flying in one of those.  That gave me a good laugh and I figured he must still be sleeping. So, off I went to Seattle where I would have to switch planes and head to Spokane, WA.  Wouldn’t you know it… a small private looking United Jet J  So, on I climbed with 20 others (not so private anymore)  As if that was not exciting enough the plane happened to have propellers.  YIKES!  Had I not been so afraid the prop would fly off, I may have enjoyed the constant shaking of the seats… almost like at the spa pedicure place J  40 minutes later… touch down Spokane, WA.  BRRRRR!  A nice 35 degrees and yes… it’s snowing!  I had a wonderful surprise when I checked in…

Care_package_1I was greeted by DEN member Kim and her very cute son Joey, who brought with them a wonderful care package.  WOWIE!  I am looking forward to meeting the other Mead DEN members tomorrow.  For now, I think I will grab that bottle of wine and watch the snow fall outside by window.


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