From ICE in Indianapolis!

Here we are in a Digital Nuts and Bolts workshop with wonderful, creative, K-12 teachers. We are working with video and editable clips and will post sample projects at the end of the day.


  1. Sonja

    Thanks for the great workshop Hall! I can’t wait to impliment this material at school!

  2. Claudia

    Great workshop…excellent presenter!

  3. Karen McBride

    What we are learning today can be utilized to enhance the curriculum in tomorrow’s classroom

  4. Carol

    We are getting sooooo much information!

  5. Jim B

    Great resource my kids, thanks

  6. Annette

    Hey everyone –

    We’re in the workshop next door and just wanted to say hi! – Annette

  7. Shanon

    I’m glad you are enjoying your workshop. I am over in the blog session at ICE.

  8. bob

    Greetings from the blog workshop next door! Ain’t technology grand?

  9. SYT

    Hi ICE Participants! We are next door to you,learning about blogs from Dr. Annette Lamb. How cool is this!? Have any of you tried the Mobile Blog using your cell phone to post to your blog?

  10. Jennifer

    I’m next door in the blogging class and learning so much. Will someone in your class please pick up the handouts and meet me in the hall either at the end or during a break? I’m the one with the rose colored suede jacket!

  11. therese and paula

    hey you next door….we are working on blogging and annette lamb would like us to harrass you folks next door. Has this bugged you enough? Please let us know.

  12. Janette

    Hi! I am next door at Annette Lamb’s workshop practicing my new blogging skills.

    Keep it down over there. :-)

  13. therese and paula

    We asked if we had bugged you enough, Maybe we should have said “Blogged” you enough!

  14. claudia

    Hi JoAnn
    Share the blogging info with me!!

  15. claudia

    Follow JoAnn and we’ll see what we can do. Our handout is “online”

  16. Steve Dembo

    Wow, sounds like fun over there! I got to participate a little bit, I did a little guest appearance via Skype in Jennifer Snoddy’s session on Podcasting.

    Can’t wait to see the sample projects.

  17. Joe Brennan

    Welcome to the blogosphere, folks! Sounds like you had some great sessions.
    –Joe, from the other ICE
    IL Computing Educators

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