Daily Archives: January 27, 2006

DEN at PETE&C: Updated Registration List

Three more weeks until the big event…I can hardly wait.  I’m working out all the details of our pyrotechnics show, but everything else is in good shape.  Here’s the registration list.  Make sure your name appears if you plan to show up.  If you don’t plan to show up and are on the list, let

The Network Launches in Florida!

After much anticipation, the Discovery Educator Network has officially launched in the Sunshine State.  Discovery welcomes our two most recent Field Managers Karen Seddon (Karen_Seddon@Discovery.com) and Danielle Abernethy (Danielle_Abernethy@Discovery.com).  Both Karen and Danielle are skilled educators, trainers and community builders and we are ecstatic to have them join our team. This Wednesday, the three of

Happy Birthday Mozart

I just LOVE Google’s creative ways to keep us informed on commemorative events.  If you click on their website today you will see a sketch of Mozart in the "O" of the word Google.  I clicked here and it took be to websites that honor Mozart’s life. Then it hit me that I bet unitedstreaming