Just for Fun: Super Bowl Predictions

Sbxllogo So, just for fun (and to see how many folks really read those weekly updates) I am curious to know what you think is going to happen in Super Bowl XL.  Post a comment with your prediction (e.g., Steelers 73 Seahawks -2). 

In exchange for doing so, I will do two things.  First, if more than 30 people post a comment by this time next week, I will share (via the blog) a photo of a very young me dressed in Steelers garb holding what my mother refers to as a Barbie Doll (I insist that it is a manly sports action figure).

Second, if you post your prediction I will put your name in a drawing to win an invitation to dinner with Kathy Schrock on Sunday at PETE&C (if you win and are not attending PETE&C, I will send you another prize and you can give your invitation to any other DEN member you want).

Just for fun…enjoy!  And…GO STEELERS!!!


  1. Alma Row

    Steelers 31, Seahawks 13

  2. Joe Phillips

    Since I am an Ohio native and a Cleveland Browns fan living in enemy territory just north of Pittsburgh, I am going to have to predict SEAHAWKS 28 steelers 17.

  3. Chris

    Steelers 7, Seahawks 3

  4. Joreen Kelly

    Because I love spring and summer, I am an advid baseball fan and don’t pay attention to a sport where you have to put blankets on to watch. I have to admit, though, that the last few Steelers games I’ve seen were exciting. I think the Steelers have the momentum and the hustle & desire, so, I have to pick the Steelers, but I think it will be close. I’m going to guess no more than 3 points.

  5. Jim Hopton

    “How ’bout them Stillers” Pittsburghese translation-
    “How about those Steelers”

    Pittsburgh 24
    Seattle 7

  6. Ann Noonen

    Steelers 21 Seahawks 7

    GO STEELERS!!! :)

  7. RJ Stangherlin

    I agree with Joreen Kelly [neat name, Joreen] about sports and blankets. If it isn’t a blanket I’m putting on a horse, I just don’t pay attention. But it’s the Superbowl, and not paying attention to that seems un-American. So, my vote goes to the PA team, Steelers over Seahawks [what kind of name is that, anyway?] 17-10. And if you can’t get a 17 in a game, well, I hate math anyway. But I do want to see that photo, Lance.

  8. Kristin Hokanson

    I have sat through many a footballl game under blankets–glad to see a PA team FINALLY make it–sorry it won’t be Eagle Green, but I too want to see Lance in his “get up”–did I hear him say he would be wearing gold lamet tights????? No wait, that’s his barbie :) See Lance we DO read your updates!!!

  9. Tracey McGrath

    Normally I wouldn’t even consider rooting for the Steelers, as we have been hoping for a Super Bowl win from the Eagles for several years. So on the day of the Super Bowl I will proudly wear my Eagles green and root on the home town team. My pick — Steelers 24-20.

  10. Martha Perez

    Here We Go Steelers! I predict the Steelers will win 24 to 7. All you Steelers fans make sure you have on your gear on Super Bowl Sunday!

  11. Ann Clark

    I asked my husband for advice on this game. I told him that if his suggestion won me a dinner with Kathy, that I would treat HIM to dinner out at HIS favorite restaurant. So… Steelers win with a score of 28-24.

  12. Phy Chauveau

    Well…I’m still mourning the Eagles, but in honor of you, Lance, (and to see you with the Barbie doll,) I’ll predict Steelers 34 – Seahawks 21.

  13. Julia Tebbets

    Steelers 21, Seahawks 17. I don’t much care about football, but it would be too cold to live in Pittsburgh and not want to see the city beside itself with delight!

  14. Terri

    Is there a question in anyone’s mind? I grew up near Philly (Go Eagles!) but am now a resident of Western PA, not far from Lance’s hometown of Altoona. If someone will get his mom’s phone number I’ll call her and arrange to get “the picture” and have it made into a poster for the conference.
    The game will be worth watching just to see Troy’s flowing locks.
    Steelers 24 Seahhawks 3

  15. Steve Dembo

    Steelers 14, Seahawks 10, DITKA 74.

    Da Bears may be out of it, but Ditka reigns eternal.

  16. Peggy Barger

    Those of us from southwestern PA refer to the black and gold as the “STILLERS” …so GO STILLERS!!

    Steelers 27
    Seahawks 17

  17. Lynda Hoffman

    The Stillers – 34 (Bus gets 2 TD’s and Allen Faneca has a great game!)

    The Seahawks – 14 They’ll keep it close for the first half, but Bettis will run them over the second!

    Go Steelers!

  18. Mike "Super Steelers Fan" Cichocki

    The Steelers will win easily 55-7. They are just a very good over all football team. No one in the AFC, the hardest conference, has beaten them, and the NFC has not had a good, strong team for quite some time, look at the past few super bowls, all won by the AFC. There is just way too many things that the Steelers are playing for, one for the thumb, and a home coming for the BUS. Big Ben is also out to quite the critics that he can’t play in the big games, well, this is only has second year, and he has taken his team to the final games both times, show me another that has done that! Here we go, Steelers, here we go, Pittsburgh is going to the super bowl. Black and Gold forever.

  19. Dave Solon

    Steelers 27
    Hawks 13

    Watch out for the Cowboys next year!!

  20. Kristin

    I grew up in Sewickley and have to say that the Steelers are going to win but I agree it is going to be a close game. I usually just watch to see the comercials but this time I might just watch the game too.

  21. Jody McClymont

    Steelers will take an early lead, b/c i can’t stay up that late, and win it 24 to 6. I was asking my students for an impossible football score and all we came up with was 1 – 0. Anyone?

  22. Jody McClymont

    Steelers will take an early lead, b/c i can’t stay up that late, and win it 24 to 6. I was asking my students for an impossible football score and all we came up with was 1 – 0. Anyone?

  23. Kim Smith

    Steelers…one for the THUMB!!! Ah…, but not in ’81. 2006 will do!!

  24. Kathy Matis

    Well, I guess if we can’t have the Eagles go to the Superbowl, I may as well support the Steelers. So here’s my prediction:

    Steelers: 14
    Seahawks: 10

  25. Jennifer Aponick

    Pittsburgh 24
    Seattle 7

  26. Mary Kay Anderson

    Born and raised in Pittsburgh I am proud to say – Go Steelers! Steelers 27 Seattle 17.

  27. Sue Sheffer

    Steelers: 24
    Seahawks: 7

  28. Sue Sheffer

    Steelers: 24
    Seahawks: 7

  29. KBConner

    This week, the K is for Kolbassi, and the B is for Brewski…er, Blitzburgh. Stillers 27, Seahawks 24 – Jeff Reed makes the field goal the Colts kicker choked on!

  30. Chrissy Sumoske

    Not a “Squeeler’s” fan nor a Sea Hawks fan, I still must predict that Ben and Jerome will bring on the winnings! “Squeelers”-21 Seahwaks-3

  31. Bridget Belardi

    I bleed black and gold! Finally a reason to watch the game other than the commercials!! Parties ALL week!
    Steelers 28 seafoam green birds 17

  32. Linda

    Born and bred in Pittsburgh, I predict that the Steelers will win 38-17. Go Steelers! Ride the Bus!

  33. Susan Smith

    Steelers all the way. I watched the Immaculate Reception live so that tells you 2 things – I’m old and I’ve been a fan for a long time!!

    Steelers 27-Seahawks 24

  34. Pat Ruffing

    Although I am an Eagles fan being from eastern PA, I definitely am rooting for the PA Pittsburgh Steelers. However, my prediction is based on a classroom activity done today. I used Kathy Schrock’s link to football-themed activities and had my 5a and 5b computer classes complete the football facts scavenger hunt while individually adding their score predictions to a spreadsheet. I made the font white so they wouldn’t see anyone else’s entries. Then I showed the list and used it as an activity to teach how to obtain the average of the list of numbers with the AVERAGE function. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the averages came out to being off by only tenths.
    5a average score predctions: Steelers 22.63, Seahawks 22.75 and 5b average score prections:
    Steelers 26.88, Seahawks 26.58…rounded it becomes a tie.

    Aside from having to tell one girl to rethink her entry because it was unlikely the score would be 92 to 100, it went well. My predicition…close game, but definitely Steelers. Combining the student efforts leads me to say Steelers 27, Seahawks 23. (Sorry for the long post!)

  35. A. Amati

    Go Steelers!!!!!
    I can’t predict a score but am I big Steeler Fan – Possibly going to the game.

  36. Jana Baxter

    Steelers 34
    Seahawks – 21

    Go Steelers!!!

  37. Jeff Reed

    The Stillers vs. the Starbucks!!? Are you kidding me? There is a better chance of a dry season in Seattle than a Seattle win in the Super Bowl. Seattle might as well send the Cranes (Frazier,Niles, et.al.) to play the game. The Cranes may have the brains but this pick is a no-brainer. Stillers over the Starbucks by a score of 27-10.
    A wet winter just gets wetter as Seattle fans cry in their coffee after the Stillers ground the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.

  38. Ann Dalby

    My husband was born and raised in Pgh. He has taught us all how to be Steelers fans. With the exception of my daughter who is still cheering for the Cowboys!

    Steelers 24
    SeaHawks 7

    Sure am going to miss Myron Cope on this one!

  39. Katie Knapp

    Though I am now in Virginia, I grew up in the Pittsburgh area and am happy to report that Steelermania is alive and well in Virginia Beach! I’ll be sporting my Hines Ward #86 on Sunday. My prediction: Steelers 24, Seahawks 14. Go Steelers!!

  40. Ben Smith

    I am an Eagles fan. Lance – weren’t you in Philly? How could you have a photo in Steelers garb?

    My prediction is Seahawks 24 Steelers 20

  41. Kathy Schrock

    Hey, Lance….I count way more than thirty!! Where’s the picture????

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