Daily Archives: February 3, 2006

unitedstreaming Version 2.3

unitedstreaming Version 2.3

Monday is the launch of unitedstreaming v2.3.  Here are some of the highlights: Search EngineRefined search results targeted to your keywordsMore Boolean search criteriaSave time with faster resultsSearch across additional asset types like Lesson Plans, Clip Art, and Quizzes Quiz CenterChoose from over 2,000 pre-made quizzes from the Quiz Bank or build quizzes using 16,000

A Very Special Pittsburgh Tribute

Well, you’ve gone and done it now.  Way more than 30 people commented on the Super Bowl predictions post and I will honor my word.  But before we get to that, a few other details.  First, Joe Phillips and Ben Smith both predicted wrong in their comments and have therefore been suspended from PA DEN