Archives for February 12, 2006

  1. Entertain Your Brain with Google Earth

      How often have you drifted away to some exotic island in the middle of the school day?!?  Well, capture that and transform it to a "teachable moment" with Google Earth.  I had the opportunity to demo this GREAT FREE DOWNLOAD with DEN member Ray’s 5th graders.  I loved watching their expressions as slowly, but […]

  2. KLVX iDENtifies Power Users

    KLVX is all about usage!  Monika, implementation rep, and myself learned that right away as we walked in their office and Lee and Craig proudly displayed their color coded usage charts of the Clark County School District (5th largest school district in the nation… KLVX, a PBS station, provides each school with unitedstreaming, training, and […]

  3. PC Teach It

    Another big thanks to Craig Cuddihy of KLVX for showing me a GREAT magazine/resource book called PC Teach It.  According to their website, “PC Teach It is the premier project-based resource that brings technology alive for students and teachers! Both the print magazine and its companion website provide content applicable for students of all ages, […]