Archives for February 27, 2006

  1. March 7th and 8th DEN Events

    We are flying out our on-line community manager and renowned blogger, podcaster, Steve Dembo so help us celebrate the launch of the new and very much improved DEN website.  This evening will be filled with lots of networking, sharing of success stories, and Steve will be showcasing our new website, and of course we will […]

  2. Things are cooking down in Georgia

    Link: SEGA Tech.Sometimes I wish I had a few clones laying around so I could attend more events around the country.  Sounds like Katherine hosted an incredible event in Savannah.  I don’t think I can do it justice, but thankfully Jeff wrote up a great summary of the evening.  Just a quick quote from the […]

  3. ETC – Modesto's Best Kept Secret

    Shhhhhhhhh!  You haven’t heard about the Educational Technology Conference?  Over four hundred educators from central California may not want you to know about this "little" conference developed and sponsored by CTAP Region 6 and CCCUE.  It is no surprise that anyone would want to keep this gem to themselves…it featured "Techno Icons" Mike Lawrence (keynote […]