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Someone won a DVD Burner!

Someone won! Please keep checking back as the announcement will be online in just a short bit!  The following WI DEN Members qualified for the raffle! Rita MortensonMary HintonBrian BartelDeb DonleyKate PagelRachel YurkMatt MalcoreLisa RischJeremy MillerBill LembergKeith SchroederFrank DevereauNan Andrews Everyone one who completed the online Interactive Trainings and the DEN Module Interactive Trainings is

Weekly Update: March 31, 2006

Hi, everyone.  I know it is sad to see March Blogness come to an end, so I’ve included all sorts of really cool updates this week to help you deal with blog-withdrawal.  Here they are… March Blogness ChampionsThe last week truly was madness (or blogness).  As comments came rolling in and Brad O’Donnell (East Bracket)

Have You Met Cosmeo?

Have you heard about Cosmeo yet? If not, you’re sure to see a commercial or read a newspaper article about this new home resource soon. Like some DEN members and active unitedstreaming users, I have watched this remarkable resource evolve from a product called Discovery Learning Connection as it was being studied in test markets

Fotini Guzman

I would like to introduce all of you to one of our most creative DEN members in Florida, Fotini Guzman.  Fotini teaches computer graphics and applications (K-5) at Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Kissimmee, Florida. She did one of the most amazing unitedstreaming trainings I have ever seen.  She limited her training to ten participants

Cosmeo with Me

Have you heard of Cosmeo yet? Seen the commercials, like the one that aired during American Idol last week? Did you hear the buzz at the FETC conference? Obviously one such school has! Darlene Wolfe from Ocoee High School has been corresponding with Joel Jacobson to work out how Cosmeo can reach the Ocoee Students.They

Just some of my thoughts….

There really is no category…but I have had some interesting conversations/emails with folks this week and they were worthy enough to share.  No, the discussions were about cool ideas in the classroom not the TV show of the week (although I love The Amazing Race –my favorite.  Oops, not a Discovery show – it’s the

Quick and easy polls for your website

Link: The Tech Savvy Educator ? Blog Archive ? Poll your students online, for free!. Ben at the Tech Savvy Educator has shared a great tool for getting student feedback quickly and easily through your website or blog.  The site is called Blogpoll. [You could] use Blogpoll as a tool to focus students on what

The DEN’s first podcast!

The Discovery Educator Network is very pleased to bring you our very first podcast!  We know who the stars of the DEN are, and they aren’t the people recieving paychecks from Discovery.  The real stars are the teachers who are passionate about education and are willing to take the time to share their knowledge with