Daily Archives: March 13, 2006

I Cosmeo, I Can

I Cosmeo, I Can

Think digital media has helped your students learn?  Then you’re going to love the latest from Discovery Education! Today Discovery launched Cosmeo, (formerly known as Discovery Learning Connection), a website with over 30,000 videos and a wide variety of educational activities for students.  Content is tailored to match state curriculum standards as well!  Think unitedstreaming,

March Blogness Month: Guest Bloggers

As part of March Blogness Month, I have invited 18 Discovery Educators to be guest bloggers.  They will each post once this month and the blogger who receives the most comments on his/her post by March 30 (5 PM EST) will receive a pizza party for his/her class or faculty.  Unlike the NCAA tournament, we

A trip to Mars (almost!)

Wow… check out Google Mars!  How cool is this! The late-breaking news just released a few hours ago is that Google has landed on Mars!  Google now links us to the Red Planet via Google Mars!  We now have access to false-color elevation, black and white visual , or infrared imagery of Mars.  You and

Cosmeo is Here!

Today, Discovery launched its newest educational service – Cosmeo.  Cosmeo is a web-based homework aid that includes more than 30,000 video clips, thousands of documents, pictures, brain games and links to "trusted" websites. Read more about Cosmeo in the USA Today.