Daily Archives: March 15, 2006

Applications Open: Discovery Educator Network Regional Institutes

Applications Open: Discovery Educator Network Regional Institutes

The Discovery Educator Network is pleased to announce five regional institutes taking place this spring and summer at locations all across the United States.  The Discovery Educator Network Regional Institutes are exclusive professional development opportunities open only to Discovery Educators. During the regional institutes, Discovery Educators will have the opportunity to learn new ways to

Midwest Regional Institute

This summer, Discovery Educators from all over the Midwest have the opportunity to attend a 4-day DEN Regional Institute in Chicago, Illinois.  The title of the event will be “Digital Storytelling: Where Learning Comes Alive,” and it will be a great opportunity for Discovery Educators to learn new ways to integrate technology into their instructional

Sue Keck on Instructional Coaching and Hoops

To kick off the guest blogger portion of March Blogness Month, our first guest blog is appropriately about coaching. From Discovery Educator Sue Keck: Instructional coaching in our schools is becoming more popular every day! In Pennsylvania we have a state-wide coaching initiative that involves 25 high schools and approximately 90 math and literacy coaches.

Dive in to the West Coast Regional DEN

  Holy Star Fish, Bat Ray! Something fishy is going on with the West Coast DEN!   Pack your bags we’re going on a field trip from April 29th through May 3rd. Put on your splash gear, cause were going on a 5 day free institute to Sea World in beautiful San Diego, California.  During