Archives for March 29, 2006

  1. Cosmeo with Me

    Have you heard of Cosmeo yet? Seen the commercials, like the one that aired during American Idol last week? Did you hear the buzz at the FETC conference? Obviously one such school has! Darlene Wolfe from Ocoee High School has been corresponding with Joel Jacobson to work out how Cosmeo can reach the Ocoee Students.They […]

  2. Just some of my thoughts….

    There really is no category…but I have had some interesting conversations/emails with folks this week and they were worthy enough to share.  No, the discussions were about cool ideas in the classroom not the TV show of the week (although I love The Amazing Race –my favorite.  Oops, not a Discovery show – it’s the […]

  3. Quick and easy polls for your website

    Link: The Tech Savvy Educator ? Blog Archive ? Poll your students online, for free!. Ben at the Tech Savvy Educator has shared a great tool for getting student feedback quickly and easily through your website or blog.  The site is called Blogpoll. [You could] use Blogpoll as a tool to focus students on what […]

  4. The DEN’s first podcast!

    The Discovery Educator Network is very pleased to bring you our very first podcast!  We know who the stars of the DEN are, and they aren’t the people recieving paychecks from Discovery.  The real stars are the teachers who are passionate about education and are willing to take the time to share their knowledge with […]

  5. DEN Challenge: Capture Baltimore's Inner Harbor

    On Saturday, April 29, 2006, join us in the celebration surrounding the Volvo Ocean Race’s visit to the Inner Harbor.  The Discovery Educator Network is sponsoring a full-day event with crews of Discovery Educators from several states including PA, MD, VA, DE, and WV.  Discovery Educators will work in small teams (or crews in keeping […]

  6. Peggy and Jim: Ode to Joyce Kilmer – Let’s go Paperless

    From Discovery Educators Peggy Barger and Jim Hopton: While attending and presenting at a recent teachers’ conference featuring best teaching practices and strategies, we were surprised by comments from one of the organizers.  He rated a workshop session by the amount of paper handouts given to participants.  The organizer proudly waved a stack of paper […]