Daily Archives: April 14, 2006



What a great Good Friday! This has been a fantastic week! I heard from Putnam County trainers about sessions they completed this week, which have been posted to the calendar. Shelley Thompson did a fun session on Mining for Gems in unitedstreaming at Mellon Elementary. I spent Wednesday afternoon on a webinar with Matt Monjan

Too cool

Dear DENs, It never ceases to amaze me how much I’ve learned since I’ve joined the DEN. My previous supervisor, Cheryl Stepp and I always had a running joke that I was learning more than I ever wanted to know!  Now at Discovery, it’s become exponential. I’ve learned about blogs, wikis, furls (still don’t quite

Meeting Inspiration

My brother called the other day; he was very excited.  While on a business trip in San Francisco, he ran into Jerry Rice, yep possibly the greatest receiver of all times, Jerry Rice.  He had a chance to talk with him, shake his hand and even get a photograph.  We all have people we would