Daily Archives: April 25, 2006

Google Earth

Google Earth

I am currently in Harrisburg, PA for a East Coast Team Meeting. After a fun day of getting to know the team and planning some great projects for the year, we decided to take in a mini lesson. The lesson started at 9 PM, which proves our dedication to you!  Lance gave us a little

Quick, easy and FREE podcasting

Huge kudos to John Blake for pointing out this one out to me. GCast.com is a sister site to GarageBand.com, which has long been known for being a great source for ‘pod safe’ music.  GCast is similar to Audioblogger.com but has some great features that give it the nod in my book. First of all,

Digital Connections:Summer 2006

If you are interested in hosting a unitedstreaming workshop this summer but would like to have some help with the planning and instruction, you will be pleased to hear about a powerful new initiative that has been created by the Discovery Education Professional Development team. The program is called “Digital Connections: Summer 2006” and is

Resource Possibilities

This past weekend I enjoyed meeting teachers who are involved in CHILD. There I presented Digital Storytelling and met some fantastic people. Those looking for the presentation, you can find it here: Download giving_students_a_voice.pdf While at the conference I ran into a new DEN Member, Diane, from Putnam County. We talked about resources and what