Archives for May 11, 2006

  1. Just for Fun Part 2

    I couldn’t trace who it was that emailed me, but you’re right. I’m asking you to try Bubblr, and I didn’t even do it myself. I used Jennifer Gingrich’s. I’m not as creative as she is, nor as great as the other two that commented with their Bubblr, but here’s the link to my sample […]

  2. Just for Fun

    Jennifer Gingrich sent me this great link: . It’s Bubblr – a tool to create comic strips using photos from Create your own Bubblr Comic Strip today. The first 3 people who create one and leave the link below will get a sweet treat!

  3. Tip #9: Create Your Own Writing Prompts

    (from Lance Rouguex, PA/DE Field Manager) When I taught sixth grade, my students started each and every day with a journal entry in response to some sort of writing prompt I developed.  In September and October, the prompts were fresh and exciting and the students loved to respond.  However, come May, the well would often […]