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  1. First Annual Northeast Regional Institute

    This past week, 50 enthusiastic Discovery educators from 8 states got together for 5 days of fun and learning in Valley Forge PA for the first annual Northeast Regional Institute.  The week of adventure began with a bolt of lighting on Sunday evening when educators checked in to the Valley Forge Freedom Foundation.  The next […]

  2. NECC coverage from your peers

    Can’t make it to NECC?  Don’t worry about a thing, you’ll be getting a full report compliments of the Discovery Educator Network.  We’ve invited our Resource Upload contest winners to be guest bloggers here on the National blog and to share their experiences at NECC.  They’ll be filling you in on what the hot topics […]

  3. Midwest Summer Institute

    Now that the busy week is over, I finally have a chance to reflect on the events of the Midwest Summer Institute in Chicago. I met so many outstanding educators from Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Missouri, and I also had a chance to get to know the great DEN members from Illinois a little […]

  4. Gettn’ Ready

    I ran around all week trying to get everything ready for next week. I took tomorrow off so that I can pick up all the little things. I am like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Watch out ya’ll- Georgia is a comin to NECC!

  5. Summer down time? Hardly!

    One of the primary reasons I got into blogging and podcasting was because they offered me the ability to virtually attend conferences that I wasn’t able to get to in person.  Event hough I couldn’t be there, I could still learn from the people who were. The ‘conference effect’ is in full force right now […]

  6. Thanks for the Memories & Help!

    We wish to extend our gratitude for this past DEN Summit in Allen Texas, June 26-29.  We learned a bunch of new tricks and toys and refreshed our training in other areas!!! In appreciation, we composed this little limerick – no it’s not the usual kind…Ha! "We love our DEN, Michelle, Brad and Chris Their […]

  7. Ed Media, Summer School and Events

    Today I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of teachers from Florida through DEN Member Mel Gilbert. He’s teaching a class this summer on Technology in Education and invited me out to introduce integration of unitedstreaming. Once I met many wonderful educators, showed some fun things to do with unitedstreaming and answered some questions […]

  8. DEN Camp 3

    Although I have lived in Florida for 18 years, I never knew that Fort Pierce is the Sunrise City!  How can you resist going to the beach for sunrise when you are in the Sunrise City?  On the second day of St. Lucie County’s second DEN camp, I ran over to the beach for sunrise […]

  9. Happy Birthday to DEN

    Yesterday was the Discovery Educator’s Network very first birthday!  It really is hard to believe that the DEN has only been around for a single year considering everything that we’ve accomplished together as a community. I did a little reminiscing today with Coni Rechner, the vice president of the Discovery Educator Network, affectionately known as […]

  10. Media Kits

    We are engaging ourselves in a presentation now from Bill Lewis (Instr. Tech Dir – New Braunfels ISD, TX) and Susan Monahan, Instr. Tech – Austin ISD, TX) on Media Kits.  To piggyback on Hall Davidson’s keynote the other night at Texas Land & Cattle, take this idea of the "FOLDER."  Create that folder first……what […]

  11. Discoveries

    This has been my first MAJOR event as a DEN member and the past couple of days have been phenomenal.  I’ve met new friends and learned new things about them–AND about me!  My first call home was to report that I had gotten myself checked in and carried my own luggage up to my room–pathetic, […]

  12. Geographically Challenged

    My fellow DEN members, I would be lost without my Garmin. Ask Jannita from California. Then again, I get lost even with my Garmin, ask the poor ladies from the South East Event that had to ride with me in Atlanta. It took us an hour through some beautiful mansion estates to get to the […]

  13. Southwest Regional Institute (Allen, TX)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the past few days getting to know Discovery Educators from Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  We began our journey together with some fun at the Main Event and afterwards had a great meal while listening to Hall Davidson discuss the power of digital stories.  Tuesday morning, we all had time to collect media […]

  14. DEN Regional Institute

    This is a wonderful experience.  I have met so many wonderful people from other cities and teaching fields or technologists that I would never have met because I usually only attend events related to my teaching field.  Michelle and her team have done a super job providing us great team building and learning experiences.  We […]

  15. Regional Summer Institute – BE A STAR!

    We are already 24 hours into the FIRST South Regional Summer Institute in Allen, Texas.  What an amazing group of teachers and educators that have gathered together to celebrate technology and learning!  I am having a hard time posting this because everyone is so excited.  My favorite things about the past day are the laser […]

  16. Happy First Birthday, DEN!

    DEN Midwest Soaring High! It’s the birthday of the DEN today and it is a celebration of collaboration today in Chicago!  We have had an amazing day of sharing, learning about developing effective digital stories, storyboarding techniques, learning new strategies, discussing how podcasting enhances teaching and learning and endless tips.    TECHNO the DEN-O-MYTE is […]

  17. A New Contest Winner

    The Spring DEN competition ended on Friday, and I was pleased that a large number of Discovery Educators shared with me the ways that they have been active in the schools and districts. I am very pleased to announce that the winner of the InFocus LCD projector is Barb Baumann. Barb teaches in the Fieldcrest […]

  18. Techno-Angels

    Have you ever met a couple that made you want to believe in fairytales again? I met Kay Teehan in January when I came on board for North Florida DEN. At our Polk Implementation Celebration I was fortunate to meet her husband Larry Griffin. This past week at our South East DEN Event I got […]

  19. Wisconsin DEN Test Wings!

    Bring 55 amazing DEN educators together, mix in a dab of Hall Davidson and Will Richardson, a traditional Chicago style B-B-Que, spontaneous friendships and synergy and you have the recipe for a memorable time.    Nine Wisconsin DEN Educators are into their first day of testing their wings.  Last night it was digital storytelling wings […]

  20. Launching the New unitedstreaming at the Challenger Learning Center

    Whether you’ve always dreamed of being an astronaut or not, playing one for a day at the Challenger Learning Center in Atwater, California, was "out-of-this-world" fun! Our adventure began with a presentation by guest speaker, Michelle Chouinard, Assistant Professor of Psychology from UC Merced.  Her thought-provoking presentation was entitled, "Children’s Questions: a Mechanism for Learning about […]

  21. National PTA: Snakes and Roaches and ‘Gators, Oh My!

    I represented the DEN at the National PTA Conference in Phoenix.  When Discovery launched LearningAddsUp, a program that allows schools and districts to share in the revenue from Cosmeo sales, it was necessary to get the word out.  So, with snakes, roaches, hedgehogs, and alligators (and Joel and Brendan), I went to Arizona.   The animals […]

  22. *Guest Blogger*

    Den is Wonderful! (by: GUEST BLOGGER Cheryl Woolwine) DEN is wonderful! I feel so honored to be a part of it. Danielle Abernethy is a great leader. She has been there from the start of my unitedstreaming and DEN experience, 6 months ago. She has always made herself available to me and Putnam County. If […]

  23. The Discovery Experience at NECC

    Based on the roll call going on below, it sounds like there’s going to be quite a few Discovery Educators heading to San Diego for NECC!  While you already know that you can stop by the booth to pick up your Discovery Educator ribbon to put on your badge, have you heard about all the […]