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Prizes for Tuesday

Prizes for Tuesday

Someone asked me what are the prizes for Tuesday’s Party at the Millenia Mall’s Panera Bread. Now I can’t tell you that! What fun would that be?  But here are some hints for prize categories. First the party is open to any unitedstreaming user. So….. There’s a prize that will be given away during the

Weekly Update: June 2, 2006

Don’t Miss the STREAMATHON!Join us June 5 for a full day of webinars on the new unitedstreaming.  From 8 AM to 8 PM, there will be non-stop webinars that highlight the new features and content of the new unitedstreaming.  No need to sign up, just stop by whenever you have a chance. All you need


And the Winner of the iPod from a Tip a Day in May……. Will be announced on June 6th at the Next Generation Party at Millenia Mall’s Panera Bread! I know suspense is killing you! Don’t forget to register for the event, whether through the calendar, by emailing me or commenting below. (Comments will not