Daily Archives: June 6, 2006

Your Personalized Home Page… Check it out!

Here’s another tip for using the New Unitedstreaming Version 3, but in a more personalized way. Ever wanted to make a really good and useful webpage better by putting your own personal touch to it? Well now you can. The New unitedstreaming is here to accommodate your own taste and cut down even more on

Create Your Own Movies Without a Camera… Photostory 3

With over 1,000 added images to the new unitedstreaming… now is a good time to check out Photostory 3… It’s so simple even your students can create their own movies. Here’s a great website with some helpful tips and tricks. ( http://www.windowsphotostory.com/ ) Special thanks to Steve Dembo for letting us know about David Jakes

Host your own webinar with Vyew

While we’re on the subject of webinars: Here at Discovery Education we make extensive use of webinars and video conferences.  Every week we’ve had a live video conference with our Discovery Educator Abroad and there are webinars going on daily that train people in different ways to enhance their usage of unitedstreaming (you need to

Streamathon? More like a marathon!

To celebrate the new updates to unitedstreaming, the Discovery Educator Network hosted our first ever Streamathon on Monday!  It was an amazing success, with literally hundreds of educators from across the country participating.  Brad Fountain kicked off the Streamathon at 8:00am EST, and Jannita finished it off at 8:30pm EST (she was supposed to end

Listen Up!

The New unitedstreaming is here and each day the rest of this week we’ll be presenting a new feature here on the blog.  So be sure to tune in each day to find out about something new. So listen up for today’s feature.  Have you ever wished you had cool sound effects when editing your