Archives for June 7, 2006

  1. Drill Down For Best Results

    Have you noticed the new search feature on the new unitedstreaming site?  Are you aware of all that it can do?  You might consider it an advanced filtering system because it gives you the ability to ‘drill down” into the depths of the unitedstreaming libraries to find all of the resources you need for your […]

  2. The Launch Party

    This is an exciting week!  Not only did we have a 12 hour Streamathon on Monday, 6/5/06 for the grand opening of the NEW unitedstreaming, Danielle Abernethy, Matt Monjan and I hosted a Launch Party on Tuesday 06/06/06. I think this was such a tribute to the power of technology and the empowerment that being […]

  3. You Can Make It Personal!

    (from Gerard Newsom, AK,TN,KY DEN Field Manager) Here’s another tip for using the New Unitedstreaming Version 3, but in a more personalized way. Ever wanted to make a really good and useful webpage better by placing your own personal touch to it? Well now you can. The New unitedstreaming provides a way for you to […]

  4. New Audio Files

    The New unitedstreaming is here!  We’ll be presenting new features here on the blog.  So listen up for today’s feature.  Have you ever wished you had cool sound effects when editing your digital story or the sound of wildlife in the background of your PowerPoint about the rain forest?  Well, the NEW unitedstreaming has added […]

  5. Create a Personalized Homepage

    Today’s feature will give you that feeling of comfort right at your own fingertips. In this new version, you can select choice options of resources and place them right in front of you each time you login. You can place such options on your page such as the week’s top videos, new videos, even featured […]