Archives for June 8, 2006

  1. 50 Ways

    We had so much fun tonight! Vivian, Karen, Mary, Joyce, Fotini and I had a wonderful three hour training on the 50 Ways to Use unitedstreaming. This is one of our favorite trainings at Discovery AND it has become all the more special with the NEW unitedstreaming.  A series of four trainings are available for […]

  2. "Drill Down"

    (By Brad Fountain – Field Manager North and South Carolina)Have you noticed the new search feature on the NEW unitedstreaming site?  Are you aware of all it can do.  You might consider it an advanced filtering system for the purposes of this post I am going to refer to it as the ability to "Drill […]

  3. A way to surf

    Many of you are already familiar with the social bookmarking site known as, but for those of you that aren’t you should set aside some time to explore it. It’s primary purpose is to provide you an online solution to store your bookmarks and favorites.  So if you use one computer at school and […]

  4. EVENTS & WEBINARS – The NEW unitedstreaming

    The NEW unitedstreaming is here and it’s AMAZING!!!  To celebrate this launch and to help prepare many of you for staff development this summer, please try to attend either a webinar or event (if it’s in your area).  Stay tuned for more events! LAUNCH PARTIES Tuesday, June 13 – The NEW unitedstreaming Launch Party Panera […]