Daily Archives: June 15, 2006

What has DEN meant to you

What has DEN meant to you

We’re working on a new brochure for the DEN — and we’d like to include a few quotes from our members.  So – I’m throwing this question out to the community — What does DEN mean to you?  How have you benefitted, or how has it changed you to be a member of the DEN

New Berlin's Extreme Makeover Summer Tech Academy

New Berlin Public Schools 2006 Summer Technology AcademyNew Berlin, WI (suburb of Milwaukee) As I am writing this blog update there are 57 New Berlin Public School educators deeply immersed in collaboration, sharing, and developing an "Extreme Makeover" technology integrated lesson.   Kevin Messman, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, and his talented and able team of educator

Mobile Filmaking – No camcorder? No problem!

Discovery Networks Asia are sponsoring a Mobile Film contest open to residents of Australia,  Hong Kong, the Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand, India, New Zealand and a few other countries in that area.  It’s pretty similar in format to the CellFlix Festival that Ithaca College hosted.  All the footage has to be filmed using your mobile phone.