Archives for June 21, 2006

  1. My Four Week National Tour

    This week, I began my four week tour across the country, starting with the Southeast DEN Regional Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.  Next week, I travel to the Southwest (Allen, TX) and Midwest (Chicago, IL) DEN Regional Institutes, followed by the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) and the first ever DEN National Leadership Institute. My hope […]

  2. Builder Day

    The Osceola DEN Camp is part of a larger group of teachers in Summer Institute. Over 50 teachers plus our group are all learning how to integrate technology and prepare lessons for next year.  Today in DEN camp, we had "Builder Day" – Quiz Builder, Assignment Builder and Writing Prompt Builder.  I was able to […]

  3. South East Guest Blogger….Kay Teehan

    I’m here in Atlanta at the Southeastern Regional DEN Institute and we are having a ball!  While I am from the North Florida DEN, there are participants here from South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.  Danielle and the other DEN leaders have kept us extremely busy learning in learning to create new uses for […]