Archives for June 25, 2006

  1. Launching the New unitedstreaming at the Challenger Learning Center

    Whether you’ve always dreamed of being an astronaut or not, playing one for a day at the Challenger Learning Center in Atwater, California, was "out-of-this-world" fun! Our adventure began with a presentation by guest speaker, Michelle Chouinard, Assistant Professor of Psychology from UC Merced.  Her thought-provoking presentation was entitled, "Children’s Questions: a Mechanism for Learning about […]

  2. National PTA: Snakes and Roaches and ‘Gators, Oh My!

    I represented the DEN at the National PTA Conference in Phoenix.  When Discovery launched LearningAddsUp, a program that allows schools and districts to share in the revenue from Cosmeo sales, it was necessary to get the word out.  So, with snakes, roaches, hedgehogs, and alligators (and Joel and Brendan), I went to Arizona.   The animals […]